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Susan Elizabeth Dozier, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology

The University of Texas Medical Branch


8240 North MoPac Expressway, Suite 355

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 527-9020



D.O.B.                12/07/60, Whittier, California

                            U.S. citizen


Undergraduate and Medical Education:


1982                    Brigham Young University

                            Provo, Utah

                            B.S. Degree in Chemistry

1989                    The University of Texas Medical Branch

                            Galveston, Texas

                            M.D. Degree


Postgraduate Education:


1989-1990           Internship in Internal Medicine

                            The New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center

                            New York, New York

1990-1993           Residency in Dermatology

                            The University of Texas Medical Branch

                            Galveston, Texas

1993-1994           Fellowship in Dermatologic Surgery/Mohs

                            Micrographic Surgery

                            Division of Dermatology, Washington University

                            St. Louis, Missouri


Professional and Teaching Experience:


1996- present      Consulting and surgical privileges:

                            Seton (Main and Northwest) Hospital,

                            Brackenridge Hospital, Children’s Hospital


1996- present      Clinical Assistant Professor

                            Department of Dermatology

                            The University of Texas Medical Branch

                            Galveston, Texas


1994-1996           Assistant Professor

                            Department of Dermatology

                            Roswell Park Cancer Institute

                            Buffalo, New York


1994-1996           Clinical Assistant Professor

                            Department of Dermatology

                            State University of New York at Buffalo


1993-1994           Instructor

                            Department of Internal Medicine,

                            Division of Dermatology

                            Washington University

                            St. Louis, Missouri


1992-1993           Chief Resident and Assistant Instructor

                            Department of Dermatology

                            University of Texas Medical Branch

                            Galveston, Texas


Work Experience:


1994-1996           Attending Dermatologists

                            Roswell Park Cancer Institute

                            Buffalo, New York


1996-1999           Staff Dermatologist & Mohs Surgeon

                            Austin Regional Clinic

                            Austin, Texas


1999-2002           Mohs & Dermatologic Surgeon

                            Balcones Dermatology Associates, P.A.

                            Austin, Texas

2002- present      President, Mohs & Dermatologic Surgeon

                            Cutaneous Surgery Center of Austin

                            Austin, Texas


Committee Responsibilities:


1998-2006           Laser Safety Committee

                            Seton Hospital, Austin, Texas


2001                    Dermatology Foundation

                            Vice-Chairman for Texas for Leader’s Society campaign


2001                    Austin Dermatological Society



2002-2008           Texas Medical Association

                            Physicians Oncology Education Program

                            Dermatology Representative


Memberships in Scientific/Professional Societies:


1991- present      American Academy of Dermatology

1993- present      American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery               

1994- present      American College of Mohs Surgery

1995- present      American Society for Dermatology Surgery

1996- present      Travis County Medical Society

1997- present      Austin Dermatological Society

1998- present      Texas Dermatological Society




1993                    Diplomat, American Board of Dermatology

2001                    Recertification

2012                    Recertification




1990                    Texas State License # H8011






Member of Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honor Society), 1979; Member of Blue Key (Academic Service Society), 1979 Chemistry Research Scholarship, 1981 University Honors Program, 1978 - 1982


Medical School


Competitive Academic Scholarship, 1987; Dean's list, 1987,1988; Alpha Omega Alpha, 1988; Thomas Freese Award for Excellence in Dermatology, 1989; Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation for Scholastic Achievement, 1989; Graduated with High Honors, 1989




British Association of Dermatology Fellowship, 1992; Second Place, Mohamed Amer Award, VI I Zagazig International Conference of Dermatology and Venereology, 1992



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